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At Age 11, His Foster Parents 'Returned' Him . . .

But that was not the end of his story. And now he encourages all through writing, poetry, etc. to know that we . . .

"are not defined by our scars, but by the incredible ability to heal them"

-Lemn Sissy.

Please take a few minutes and watch both videos in the order shown and in their entirety. You will be blessed, and more importantly I pray you will be motivated to take a stand for your healing AND be a voice for one who may not yet have their own wings to fly.

"Lemn Sissay announces "Superman was a Foundling" in a time lapse film of his new installation at The Foundling Museum in central London. Charlotte Jonysmr and Graphic Designer Philip Miles"

Lemn Sissay blogs regularly and openly for personal reasons. To see his Landmarks go to His homepage is

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