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Host the Son of God Movie theater event BEFORE it's theatrical release!

The movie opens nationwide on Friday, February 28 BUT churches will have the exclusive rights to host theater events on the Wednesday and Thursday BEFORE opening night!

Why Should Your Church Be Involved?

  • Son of God is the most evangelistic movie of this generation - it will enable ministry to happen and provides an opportunity to reach people for Christ

  • The Passion of the Christ moved people to experience the death of Jesus, Son of God allows your church to see the entire ministry of Jesus, to feel like a disciple and experience Jesus' love and grace.

  • Will challenge the unchurched to answer the question: 'Who Do You Say I Am?'

  • Backed by Fox studios and the power of producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, this movie is sure to have a lot of media buzz and publicity that will attract people to theaters. Shouldn't the church be prepared to go deeper afterwards?

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