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TechSoup Offers Discounted Software and Technology

If you are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charity, religious organization or Church, there is a high likelihood that you qualify for donated or discounted software, services, and technology from top brands such as Microsoft, and Intuit.

Software and technology equipment is a great way to create and share your message in a manner that causes you to remain relevant in this ever changing world. BUT we all know this same technology can be very expensive!

TechSoup offers a way to get this same technology into the hands of people who can use it for the greatest good! Better yet, TechSoup isn't an outlet or a reseller. All products are generously discounted or donated to them by over 50 of their partners which include some of the leading software and hardware vendors of our time like Adobe, Dell, Pitney Bowes, and Microsoft to name a few. If your church is not a member of TechSoup, why not?

Getting started is as easy as visiting their site and taking their Eligibility Quiz.

Won't you share this article with your Pastor or church leaders so they can get in the know?

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