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National Friend Sunday is Coming!

March 30 marks the first annual Friend Sunday, when churches all over will join together and encourage their members to reach out and invite friends and family to a special service where friendship is honored and encouraged.

Through word of mouth and church outreach, the Friend Sunday movement hopes to reach every home in America with an invitation to a Bible-believing church and ultimately into a relationship with Jesus. Get your CHURCH involved today!

Outreach, Inc.offers lots of materials to promote this Sunday and make it a success. But a bare minimum, they offer the opportunity for you to list your Church for FREE in the Friend Sunday Database so that whosoever may be looking for a friendly church, can find YOU . . . So why are you waiting? Visit and get your CHURCH involved today! Or visit their Facebook page and make a commitment to invite all your friends to church.What the world needs now is Jesus! And who better to introduce Him then a FRIENDLY Church whose mission is to make God known!

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