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Share YOUR Stories & Testimonies for a NEW Son of God Documentary!

All across America, the Son of God film is changing lives! And Motive Entertainment wants to hear from you ASAP if you have a story to share about how this movie has changed your life or someone you know. You can email them at

How YOU Can Send Us Your Stories on VIDEO:

Ideal Length of video:

3 minutes or under. Can be several individual bytes that we will edit.

Using your iPhone:

Take a video (can be selfie or of someone else) on your iPhone and upload it to your computer and share it via dropbox or other file share system to email: You can also post it on your own Facebook page and let us know and we will download it from there.

Using a small digital camera:

Take video footage and upload to your computer. Share the video file using a file share program and email the file/link to:

Using a professional grade camera:

Please email for specs and FTP info to upload your video footage.

Please contact Gabrielle Allen for further info and assistance at: 310-903-3142 /

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