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HeartBleed and Pinterest Issue RESOLVED

Have a Pinterest account? Change Your Password Now. Pinterest confirmed they were affected by the HeartBleed Bug and have FIXED the issue on their end. #BetterSafeThanSorry.

NOTE: Although this bug is adversely affecting multiple internet based sites, it is suggested you DO NOT change your password until the company confirms if they were adversely affected AND fixed the issue on their end. Otherwise the password reset will need tto be done again if they have not stopped the leak.

I will keep you posted as I find out about more sites.

"You may have heard of a recently discovered security issue—called Heartbleed—that impacted lots of sites on the internet, including Pinterest. Heartbleed affected OpenSSL, a type of technology websites use to keep information secure as it travels through the web.

We were quick to fix the issue on Pinterest, and we didn't find any evidence of mischief on Pinner accounts as a result. But to be extra careful, we’re asking you to reset your password."

The Pinterest Team

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